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Trading since 1978 and now
located in Christchurch New Zealand,
The Quiet Mind Body Shop is a private, healing and
educational service promoting inner peace and social harmony.

David in treatment room

The Quiet Mind Body Shop is a multicultural private training institution accepting students and clients irregardless of ethnicity or religion.

  • We hold that the human body is sacred in its entirety
  • We endeavour by teaching holistic massage techniques, to enable students to become confident, competent, knowledgeable and responsible practitioners.
  • We endeavour by offering products and services to assist clients toward greater wellness and vitality.

From my home in Christchurch I offer a range of massage options, personal coaching in massage, yoga and spiritual awareness.

As a spiritual healer, I advise on health concerns and may be able to help resolve health issues.

Privacy Policy:
All enquiries and transactions are in strict confidence.
No personal information about any client, customer or person using my website is ever disclosed to any other party.

My Mission:
To help ease suffering and create a lasting peace in the world.

To create peace, first we must create peace in our own hearts.
When there is peace in our hearts and clarity in our minds,
it will spread to others and then a true peace will come and
the opportunity for us to experience heaven on earth.

You to can influence the spread of peace by participating in your community, selective shopping, signing petitions and attending demonstrations.

In Light, David

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Personal Trainer

Life Coach and Technologist
for Human Wellbeing.

Hatha, Krya, Jana, Bhakti, Karma YogaMassage and Meditation.

Know life and yourself as part of life.

Personal Training, Public Talks and Classes.



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