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It has been many years since I have been to India where I was astounded by the skills of the craftspeople and the range, quality and  affordability of goods available. In these pages are brief descriptions of excellent products to enrich your life and home. At present I am unable to load all the images, so please view the image galleries which will load in a new window and you will be able to see all items available.

Art collectors and students of oriental religions and philosophies will find items to help bring those ideals to life and many art works will appeal to collectors, yoga and meditation students will find inspiration.

Statues, Nepalese Art, batik paintings depicting religious images and Hindu Art depicts general scenes to decorate any home.

There is a wide range of clothing and jewellery. Learn how to wear a sari and view the huge range and see the colourful salwar kameez suited for the fashion conscious and those seeking individualistic or ethnic apparel.

Other Items include:
Religious Garments - Hindu and Buddhist garments, brocades, and fabrics, including prayer shawls, kurta tops, and more.
Indian Carpets and Rugs - Hand-Knotted Carpets and Rugs from Kashmir, Agra, and Badohi, in pure silk and wool.
Feng Shui Products and Gifts, for Good Fortune, Prosperity, and Health

Exotic India is an excellent company and over the years we have been recommending them, we have only praise for their fair trade and customer service.
Prices include shipping world wide.


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