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  Massage for Increasing Bust Size

Throughout history a fuller bust has always been admired as a symbol of loveliness, fertility and success, so is there an ideal breast size?

For the modern woman, the ideal seems to be a C or D cup size but millions are not so blessed and lacking that vital feminine element can be a hindrance to finding a mate and building the life they desire.

In the 1970's women in Thailand started to become more empowered and many thousands began the search for larger breasts. Many went overseas for surgeries and a great many more invested in herbal capsules and creams to increase bust size. The scale of this was so great that the Thai government became so about the drain on the national economy, that they commissioned medical researchers to find a cheaper solution and that solution was massage.

These massage techniques to increase bust size come from Ayurveda and have long been known of and now this massage is an excellent cost effective alternative to surgical implants.

Breast Enhancing Massage in Christchurch

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The fee for the first 30min evaluation session is $30.00.

When you see the results and are comfortable with your first treatment, I recommend a course of 25 x 20min treatments once a week at a cost of $500.00.

It is anticipated that during your program, you will increase by one to two cup sizes, and if during the course if you are unsatisfied with the results or the service, you may cancel your program and be fully refunded the remaining balance of your treatment fee.

You first treatment includes a:
  • 2 - 3 minute breast examination
  • measure with a before photo
  • massage treatment to the upper body and breasts
  • measure and after photo to see the results privacy policy

Subsequent treatments include a weekly measurement to assess progress and a photo taken at the end of the program.

To complement this treatment it is recommended that you also use a herbal supplement and massage your own breasts for 2 - 3mins 2x every day.

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