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Massage is a natural healing discipline and an excellent drug/ surgery free solution to give pleasure while relieving pain and all forms of suffering including; headaches, migraines, injuries, strains and pains, RSI, occupational overuse, constipation, irregular periods, PMS, menopausal distress, uterine infections, infertility, lower back aches, chronic constipation, gastritis, impotency, frigidity, low libido, prostate problems, bladder infections and much more.

Please mention any health problems at the time of booking.  Health issues may not be resolved in one treatment and recovery is helped by following the diet and lifestyle advice of the therapist.

If you are considering one of our massage courses, take the opportunity to experience the massage and meet the tutor. All treatments are preceded by a consultation in which you have the opportunity to clarify your needs and that you and the therapist are in agreement about your treatment.

Relaxation and healing


Based in Wellington, Chevanne regularly comes to Christchurch. To make an appointment with her, please call her directly on 027 427 3529

A home based bodywork centre for affordable relaxation, stress relief, structural integration, emotional healing and energy work.

Some clinics charge $120.00 or more per hour for little more than a slap and tickle, we offer sound wholesome treatments and beneficiary discounts.

The ‘Rolls Royce’ of massage, the lomi lomi massage (a form of holistic bodywork) takes you on a journey as your body is massaged over and under with hands, forearms, and elbows for those really tight spots. This massage combines remedial therapeutic techniques with a transcendent quality that can transport you to another dimension helping recovery from mental and emotional traumas as well as taking care of those physical aches and pains.

Massage treatments with Cheva

Chevanne is available in Christchurch on occasions over the year. She specialises in a lomi lomi style therapeutic/relaxation massage. Please contact Cheva directly on 027 427 3529.

Massage treatments with David

After massaging and teaching massage for 40 years, I am sometimes available to provide Lomi Lomi style holistic body therapy and other modalities to help with general stress release, pain relief, postural integration, cosmetic and reproductive problems.

To schedule an appointment, please phone David on 980 4646 or send an email.

While one treatment will provide temporary relief, a course of treatments is often advisable.

Late cancellations and missed appointments

  • It is appreciated if you would give as much notice as possible if you want to cancel or reschedule an appointment as someone else may need that time.
  • If you cancel the same day as your appointment or miss an appointment, there is a charge of $30 but there is no fee for rescheduling the day before your scheduled appointment provided that you keep the new appointment. Please give as much notice as possible.

How to find a therapist and other tips on getting a massage

Please ask for a receipt if needed. All receipts are compliant with IRD and NZ Insurance Council guidelines.

For Relaxation:
Having your entire body gently massaged relieves mental and physical stress. The combination of warmth, soothing music and gentle touch provides facilitates the letting go of stress and restoration of self.

  • Effective Massage styles;
    Lomi Lomi, sensual relaxation, or a combination massage - more.
  • Time required, 60 - 90 minutes.

Assuming you are not simply dehydrated, massage explores your musculature to understand possible causes and the treatment continues in consultation. Sometimes an upper body massage is sufficient.

  • Effective Massage styles;
    Holistic bodywork or a combination massage detailing the upper torso, neck, head and face.
  • Time required, 30 - 90 minutes per treatment.

Repetitive stress injuries:
Occupational overuse syndrome is very common and a combination of physical exercise and remedial massage the best solution other than surgery.

  • Effective massage styles;
    holistic bodywork or deep tissue massage.
  • Time required, 30 - 60 minutes per treatment.

Back ache:
There are a multitude of causes for back ache reflecting our attitude and how we live our life. Left untreated, back ache results in a life of pain, or one must undergo surgery. Massage is not a quick fix, but regular full body massage combined with physical exercise will help to restore the most chronic of back troubles.

  • Effective massage styles;
    holistic bodywork or deep tissue, or a combination massage that works firmly into your tight muscles.
  • Time required, 30 - 90 minutes per treatment.

Tantra Massage
Delicious pampering to resotore energy flow and libido. A limited service for women, learn more,

  • Time required, 90 minutes per treatment

Office / Location massage
Workplace stress relief for the upper back, arms, neck and shoulders.

  • Currently unavailable

Women; you can try this at home. If you suffer any menstrual or menopausal discomfort, self massage to the lower abdomen and pubic area will provide relief. Here a combination of deep tissue abdominal and pressure point massage is used to restore energy flow and improve function.

  • Effective massage styles;
    holistic bodywork or a combination massage that works firmly into your tight muscles.
  • Time required, 30 - 60 minutes  per treatment.
  • To book; Phone David on 03 980 4646

Body Sculpting
Enhance your figure and feel good, this massage combined with body wraps tones your body and improves your appearance.  Yes, it does this by redistributing subcutaneous fat which can be used for breast enhancement.

  • Time required, 30 - 60 minutes  per treatment.
To schedule an appointment, please phone Cheva directly on 027 427 3529, David on 980 4646 or send an email.



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