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Holistic Bodywork Level 1 Certificate
(Intermediate Massage)

Getting your massage career underway.

This professional holistic bodywork course is recommended as the minimum amount of training required to begin working as a massage therapist.

Massage is a popular service in medical and sports clinics and it is also an ideal home or part time business. It is also one of the most portable businesses that you can take anywhere in the world with a minimum of effort; have hands, can travel.

  • Enter into the extraordinary world of what makes us human and the why of how we go wrong and suffer.
  • Learn how to apply remedial action and restore health and wellbeing in your clients.
  • The course is complemented with a comprehensive on line manual.

Personal training

16 hours massage instruction and practice on voluntary models to give you the skills and competence to work in any clinical setting.

  • Topics:
    • Health and Safety.
    • Massage theory and practice.
    • Holistic bodywork elements and philosophy
    • Mastering the basic massage strokes.
    • Mastering a full body massage.
    • Relaxation massage.
    • Remedial & Deep tissue massage.
    • Principals of Energy Healing
    • Pathology:
      • The causes of physiological breakdown and suffering.
      • The causes and effects of stress.
    • Healing solutions for a healthier, longer life.
    • Treatments for:
      • Breast massage; breast care and cancer prevention
      • Lymphatic drainage.
      • Pain relief including:
        • Back aches
        • Head aches / migraines
        • Sports and other injuries
        • Menopausal discomfort, menstrual pain and irregularity.
        • Repetitive stress and other injuries including frozen shoulder/ tennis elbow.
    • Clinic, client and business management. Much of this in the manual and briefly discussed during class time.
    • Fee $880.00
      • Similar courses at other institution cost over $2,700.00
  • Requirements:
    • To have already completed our introductory course or passed an assessment.
    • You will need a computer and internet access to view the on line course manual.
    • A warm and comfortable practice space in your own home.
    • A massage table, oils and people to practice on - you will have access to a list of models.
    • Study anatomy and physiology in your own time. (https://www.biodigitalhuman.com/ is a good tool)
    • Perform at least three massages per week between lessons.
    • For certification
      • Full attendance and participation is required.
      • Students must demonstrate competency in the class.
      • Students must complete 10 massages in their own time and have the people they massage complete a questionnaire. This can be commenced mid way during the course.
      • Students must demonstrate competency during a two hour oral and practical exam.
    • This course is part two of the my home business course.
    • This course entails a professional fully body massage (excluding the genitals).
    • Enquiries; Ph 03 980 4646 or Email - Registration

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