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Register as a model to get occasional free therapeutic, healing and relaxing massages at our Philpotts Road address.

People are required as:

  • In Class Models
    Students undertaking personal training for massage certification often require models for instruction where the teacher demonstrates on the body of the model and the student does their best to copy the technique. Typically the classes are with one student and the tutor.
    Session times are mid to late morning, afternoons, evenings and weekends.
  • Student Models
    Students sometimes require models for practice between lessons in their own homes or maybe your place.  Register to make your self available and students will contact you directly.
    Session times are to suit and you may be asked to complete a short questionnaire. 
  • Photo models
    Get a good massage in return for allowing photos or video to be taken to illustrate our student massage manuals. These will be generally non identifiable images or videos made available to registered students and or posted on youtube.
    Session times to suit.

Please note:

  • We are located in Philpotts Road, Christchurch New Zealand.
  • When a request arrives in your mail, only reply if you are available.
  • Please advise if you have any health problems or concerns
  • A shower and bathroom facilities are available, but we appreciate you being freshly showered before arriving.
  • As a model you are treated respectfully and get a very good massage. Sometimes it's a full body massage, other times it may be a back or leg massage, reflexology or a head and facial.
  • Session times are from 30 - 90 minutes.
  • By completing and sending this form, you agree that you accept our terms and conditions.

To Register, Complete this form by Entering All Your Preferences.


E-mail address
Phone Number

Volunteering as:
An in class student model
      where you attend our school, the tutor demonstrates massage techniques on you and
      the student practices those techniques.

A student model
      students may contact you and you negotiate the massage, place and time.
      Note the school has no responsibility with these arrangements.

A Photo model
      where you attend our school and a tutor massages you while the event is filmed or photographed.
      Care is taken to provide a balanced massage with scope to address the models physical problems.

Time of day most suitable

Please check boxes for the massage styles you would be willing to model for.
Therapeutic Swedish massage ?
Remedial & deep tissue ?
Shiatsu/Yogassage ?
Holistic bodywork - ?
Lomi Lomi ?
Reiki & energy work ?
Hot stone massage ?
Yoga student model
Yoga Photo model

Gender =  Male     Female
Body type = slim,   average,   large.
Birth year = Occupation

List your any of your web pages or profiles like facebook:

Comments, preferences and any health problems

Phone 03 980 4646

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