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Personal Massage Training

One to one personal training provides flexibility in class times and course content.

With personal tuition, students receive instruction and practice on voluntary models and you advance more quickly through the lessons.

As with public classes,  students get a complete explanation, demonstration and guided practice to gain the necessary practical hands on massage skills and understanding for certification or courses tailored to specific needs can be arranged.

For instance; you can take our certified courses of have a course customised to suit occupational heath, aged care, sports massage, recreational or couples massage, or other end use. We have male and female models available and you typically have a different model for each session. 

Tutorials are by appointment to suit and please note that few people have the stamina required to take more than two 90 minute tutorials in one day.

All our courses are available with one to one training including:

  • Introductory Massage 8.5 hours
    The course can be done over two days or two weeks.
    $430.00 including the course manual print or online. Register.
  • Intermediate massage 16 hours
    This course can be done within 7 days or within one month.
    Tuition fee $800.00 with the course manual access.
  • Lomi Lomi 12 hours
    One on one training as a weekly class, or an intensive over three - five days.
    Tuition fee $600.00 with the course manual access. Register.
  • My Home Business 24 hours
    This course can be done within within two weeks, but once started, you must complete the course within two months or 30 days from your last lesson.
    Tuition fee $1200.00 including online manuals. Register.
  • Hot Stone Massage 3 hours.
    Tuition fee $185.00 with printed notes. Register.
  • Personal Massage 60 or 90 minute classes
    Learn part or full body massage in any style incl therapeutic, relaxation and intimate massage for couples from $80.00 per 90 minutes.  Register.


  • Attendance notes
  • Students taking certified courses will have access to an on line massage manual.
  • Courses are typically held on our premises, but may also be held at yours.

Enquiries; Ph 03 980 4646 or Email - Registration



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