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Human beings are in essence spiritual beings and life is a spiritual journey. The qualification that makes us spiritual is consciousness; the awareness of who we are and our ability to manifest and act on the desire for happiness.

Meditation as a tool for developing our spiritual nature
A course of study.
Many of us are sadly only to aware that as spiritual beings, we fall short of our true potential, but what is our potential? Our spiritual potential is hinted at and alluded to by many masters past and present.

To begin; for a moment, be aware of the present, the suffering in our world, then allow yourself to dream of utopia, the perfect world where everyone is happy and living their true potential... what would such a world look like? We know we would be happy, truly happy and then we can only guess; perhaps we would all be as Jesus, Buddha, or the yogic masters and of legend...

To progress, we must examine the past in order to release what is there, bring it into conscious awareness, not to relive any suffering but to see the big stories, the big heartaches, the big frustrations and understand they are a part of your overall pattern that you carry with you.

Then hold up your current imbalanced state, and compare it with who you would be in a utopian world, an original blueprint that is so perfect, so beautiful and an elegant, beautiful expression of Prime Creator.

Imagine that there are two blueprints, one; the perfected one, and two; the distorted one. And as you pull your distorted blueprint into alignment with the perfected one, piece by piece, issue by issue, and atom by atom, you will naturally process and progress.

Your heritage, your lineage, and your destination all pertain to that perfection. That is who you are. Embrace it. And as you embrace it, what you need to process and look at the imbalances will naturally well up from within you as you are ready to heal them.

Let me add to this that much help is here for you, and that you may call upon it freely. Simply ask.

"Society does not need individuality, it needs efficiency. So the more human a person becomes the less useful he is to society -- and the more dangerous. The whole pattern of our civilization and, in fact, of all the civilizations that have existed in the world, is to turn the human being into an automaton. Then he is obedient, efficient and not dangerous. Otherwise a mind that is inventive, inquiring, seeking and searching for the new and always trying to give birth to something unknown, is bound to create disturbances. The establishment cannot be at ease with him". Osho


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