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The Tarot is widely used as a tool or process that can help resolve not only health, but many other problems and it's use supports personal growth and spiritual healing.

In the following pages you can read about the major cards, visit Lotus Tarot and take a free on line reading and have a personal reading with Alison from anywhere in the world, or if you live in Christchurch, David can also read for you.

History of the cards
Tarot cards began as a card game in northern Italy in the 15th centaury and European occult devotees added extra cards with symbolic pictures like; the Queen, Emperor, Pope, Justice, Fool and Freedom etc. These images are metaphors representing life aspects or values, and the occult devotees were the compassionate thinkers, scientists and healers of the time.

Over the generations the tarot has attracted a great respect and following, the cards can be drawn and appreciated for their art, inspiration and divination. The Tarot like I Ching, Astrology and Numerology provide new perspectives and solutions for any problem and many individuals make interpreting the cards a profession.

Typical questions people have are often about marriage, relationships, finances, work, travel, health and success. The cards when drawn have an unexplainable way of of reflecting the present and an amicable way forward.

Tarot Decks are widely available from book stores and specialty shops around the world and the Tarot has even evolved onto the web where readings are available. The cards have more than one interpretation and there are many packs available. Popular Tarot decks include: Rider-Waite Tarot and Thoth.

The modern Osho Zen Tarot is uniquely insightful and very positive as you can see in the card descriptions of Celebration, Friendliness and the Master. The full deck can be purchased from Amazon. or get the Osho Zen Tarot: The Transcendental Game of Zen from Fishpond in New Zealand.

To use the Tarot by yourself to work out a problem, simply keep the problem in mind when consulting the cards. Shuffle, select, and look at and cards, then interpret from the feeling you get by looking at a card and reading the user guide or book. If the cards cause confusion or do not help, getting a reading from an established reader is advisable. Note both the Fishpond new Zealand store and Amazon.com have a similar range of tarot cards.

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