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The Art of Yoga

Yoga is mankind's longest surviving spiritual tradition.  Yoga is not a religion or a belief system, it is in fact a technology - a guide on how to be fully human without causing suffering to oneself or others.

Just think; we have this remarkable human body and mind - we do stuff with it - we experience it - sometimes we suffer it - but we have no real knowledge of our body and how it works. Our bodies did not come with a users manual and the worlds best scientists cannot explain everything about our bodies and they can explain much less about our minds.

International Day of Yoga
June 21st 2015

National Yoga Day Venues

We call ourselves human beings and we know that we are more capable than any other life form of earth, yet most of the human population suffers and we inflict suffering on other species.  We call our suffering unhappiness or misery and misery begets misery - the practise of yoga is the way of turning misery and suffering into happiness and joy.

A life of conscious authenticity trumps one of senseless conformity

Yoga means unity and as individuals follow the path, they move from being ordinary humans to extraordinary human beings. This does not mean that you will be able to fly or do any magic, it simply means that you will experience less suffering and have more joy in your life.

Today yoga is popularly known for helping tone musculature, aligning the skeleton, improving fitness & flexibility, calming the mind and cure disease. There is much more to yoga than jut this, but the physical yoga has resulted in a resurgence in the practice with growth in yoga schools and retreat centres world wide.

The principals of yoga when applied not only help to with physical fitness and relaxation, the inward looking exercises help one to become more successful in any endeavour as yoga is about caring for our bodies and minds in such a way that they become our servants, so yoga is about looking inward and taking control of our lives.

Yoga with David, Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Therapy and Meditations in Christchurch

The modern science of yoga is the accumulated testimony, evaluation and corroboration of practitioners. It has been clearly proven that elements of yoga when practiced in any circumstances produces harmonious results.

With a background in agriculture, martial arts, massage and naturopathy, David has actively taught yoga since 1978 with formal qualifications from the IYTA and the Australian School Of Yoga. 

As a student of the Lotus Centre in Wellington, David began teaching yoga, massage and meditation and over the years he has become one of NZ's experts in the field of holistic heath and personal growth.

“To live a life of spontaneity, truth, love and beauty is to live in heaven. To live a life of hypocrisy, lies and compromises, to live according to others, is to live in hell. To live in freedom is heaven, and to live in bondage is hell.” Osho

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