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Buddhist Art

An Exhaustive Collection of Buddhist art from India, Nepal and Tibet.

Preaching BuddhaAn awesome and complex image of breathtaking splendor is that of Kuan Yin, with one thousand arms, the latter arranged symmetrically around her like a resplendent mandala, seated on a multi-layered, well-crafted lotus pedestal.

The lissome Tara, standing on an inverted padma pedestal, gracefully sprints, her left leg forward, eager to reach out to her beloved devotees. Befittingly is the future Buddha named Maitreya, derived from the Sanskrit word for friendliness (maitri). Seated on his throne, with legs pendant in the European fashion, he truly is a sympathetic friend of humanity, who will descend to earth to again turn the wheel of law, re-establishing Dharma in the process.

A Japanese Buddha on a high multi-tiered seat, with an intricately carved lattice as an aureole and a lithe Green Tara, sparsely dressed and ornamented, but with an elaborate and high, neatly wound coiffure.

Also gracing the Buddhist Art Gallery are two fine images of the venerable Buddha, displaying the Abhaya mudra. The first is in wood and the other in sand-stone. Created by the skilled hands of Shri Ram Chandra Gaur of Bodhgaya, both carvings radiate an aura of infinite peacefulness, ably emphasized by Buddha's calm, introspective demeanour.

Buddhist Art & Sculptures

You will also find an excellent selection of:
Nepalese Lost Wax Sculptures - Deities wrathful and peaceful. Sculpted out of Copper through the lost wax process.

Tantra Paintings - Yantras, Mantras, and Mandalas, all created by hand, according to the ancient iconography of Tantra. Also, a wide selection of deities and abstract diagrams, from the Tantric Pantheon.

Thangka Paintings - Thangka Paintings created by monks in Kathmandu (Nepal) and Tibet. Each thangka comes framed in traditional Tibetan silk brocade and veil.

Buddhist Jewellery
Amitabha rings in various sizes; an enshrined prayer wheel; a large gau pendant with turquoise reminding one of the infinite blue sky; hand carved figures of Vajrayogini, Mahakala and Green Tara and gold plated Garuda box pendants. View current stock and order

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