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Pure Wool and Pashmina Shawls, hand-woven in the looms of Kashmir and Kullu
The unique achievement of the Jamawar shawl of Kashmir is the manner in which the many shades of a minimum number of colors merge into one aesthetic composition, the forms embodying these hues baffling one by their sheer number.
Bright and luxurious silk shawls from Varanasi (Banaras); gentle soothing hues from the valley of Kullu and pure jamawars as also those with embroideries are just some of the pieces helping you make your own distinct fashion statement.
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Ladies' Tops
Two long smart black coats, ending at the thighs, and enriched with floral embroidery, were grabbed immediately. You still have the option of bringing to your wardrobe a piece of the lush Kashmir valley, with sophisticated creepers and vines on lighter hues, or a maroon one with brilliant embroidery.
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Made to Order Salwar Kameez Suits
Encompassing the entire spectrum of materials - chiffon; cotton, cotton with silk; crepe; georgette, pure luxurious silk; satin and woolen. Celebrating the diverse, rich colors of life - ranging from baby blues, sensuous orange; intriguing pistachios; glowing blacks; alluring violets; sensuous peaches; sophisticated ivories and light, yet dazzling yellows (chikans from Lucknow).

Get them all custom tailored to your individual measurements.
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Religious Garments - Hindu and Buddhist garments, brocades, and fabrics, including prayer shawls, kurta tops, and more. Beautiful, soft and flowing Saris

In sterling silver. Tribal, dangling armlets from Jharkhand; fine, flexible matted cuffs; robin's eggs valentines; abalone bangles with marcasite; inlaid turquoise bracelets from Nepal; ruby zoisite links and rainbow moonstones alternated with faceted lemon topaz and garnet. This is however, just the tip of the iceberg
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Tribal posts with filigree; fiery rainbow moonstone chandeliers; cabochon pairs in various hues and designs; plain sterling silver earrings from the village of Ratangarh in Rajasthan; faceted gemstone hoops; meenakari umbrellas from Nathdwara and various showers to let fall from your ears.
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Gold Jewellery
An antiquated Navaratna pendant with the nine auspicious stones, centered with the sacred image of Ganesha. A hair ornament (tika); a fine chandelier with delicately carved gemstone leaves as also one with etched ones; a handcrafted lattice pendant with central ruby; twisted, hexagonal, triple and designer hoops and the OM in two versions.
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Graded citrine pears strung together; turquoise chunks with central chakra; tourmaline drop necklaces; black onyx beads strung with a large pendant of the same stone - enabling you to make a distinct statement and also a rutilated quartz pendant on a cotton string.
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The preference for large, fine cabochons, set in intricate silver persists. The splendorous stones include the finest rainbow moonstone and turquoise;.lapis lazuli, prehnite and rose quartz form similar attractions. Brooches inspired by shapes from nature; slithering serpents and much more.
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Buddhist Jewellery
Amitabha rings in various sizes; an enshrined prayer wheel; a large gau pendant with turquoise reminding one of the infinite blue sky; hand carved figures of Vajrayogini, Mahakala and Green Tara and gold plated Garuda box pendants.
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Finger Rings
Large spider web turquoise pieces; a marcasite explosion; hearts interspersed within cubic zirconia; designer cz rings; faceted gemstone pieces and fine rainbow moonstone cabochons to wrap around your fingers.
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Matching Jewellery Sets
Twin carnelian pendant and posts; beaded, affordable necklaces with earrings and finally meenakari (enamel) matching sets.
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