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Hello,  if you would like a more personal reading focusing on some of your most important questions, friendly and knowledgeable readers are available to provide private email and telephone readings that may appeal to you.

Perhaps you have questions about your marriage or relationship, finances, or work situation, and currently you’re struggling to find the answers you seek from the automated readings.

For your private email reading I can answer up to 5 questions. You are free to ask about whatever is most important to you. Some people ask me 5 questions about a specific relationship, whilst others cover relationships, money, family, health and other life issues.

Alternatively, if you choose a telephone reading, you can ask me as many questions as you like in the time.

Occasionally, consulting the automated readings only adds to your confusion, if you are unable to interpret the ‘insights’ the reading is conveying. Perhaps this would be the time when a private and personal reading would help the most, to clarify the specific circumstances in your life, and help you to find the answers you seek.

For more information about private email and telephone readings and to book a private a reading with one of our staff,  please click here.

SafinaPearlLynnCaroline Anna

Thank you for the private reading you did for me last week. Although I had already been surprised by the readings on this site, the private reading amazed me even more. I was astonished. I found your reading style really encouraging ... maybe that was what I needed ...' Megumi Uemori, Japan

'Just to let you know that I have received the reading and at times I had to laugh. It was so accurate!!' Alice D, Harbert, MI USA.

I recommend Alison as she is a practitioner of of great worth or
you are welcome to visit me for a reading, learn more.


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